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Flavour Management was born in 2018 from the love of food, chefs and events. Working within the media and marketing for high end interiors, I was first introduced to the chef world from arranging high end events for VIP clients and celebrities. Flavour Management was created from many chefs looking for a new style of agent. Personal service, one to one daily contact, exploring new avenues together to enhance their career and open the door to new opportunities.

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What we do 

Flavour Management has the dedication of a small team, working with our chefs from Masterchef to Michelin Star, tailoring each chef to meet requirements and expectations. Our management offers a platform for chefs to explore new avenues of the culinary world, from connecting to brands for social media campaigns, brand ambassador roles, TV and media opportunities. 

We engage with your connections as well as creating brand partnerships. 

We explore all avenues of interest together. 

For brands looking for celebrity chef support on a social platform, enhancing the brand through recipes for your website, pop up events, food demos, we have a super talented line up ready to work with you. 


For TV and media, we look for the right chef to suit each project, by way of reading a brief correctly. 

We create TV series treatments, with exciting new unique features, and present to production companies looking for that new TV hit
Flavour Management is small but powerful, dedicated to offering the highest of service to all connections. 

Cherries Dessert


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

 Nikki Lovell 07900 246045

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