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Having trained at claridges, Elliot is a passionate young chef with a hunger and desire for success at the highest level. 

- At the age of 15 Elliot joined the prestigious Petersham Hotel as a trainee, Having worked every possible hour at the hotel and with the passion to learn, this offered the opportunity for a scholarship The Intercontinental Hotel on Park Lane, soon came calling and after 3 years learning the skills of an international kitchen Elliot graduated with a distinction in both cookery and pastry.


- Claridges was the next step  with a journey that saw his skills in cooking reaching the highest level, using the very best ingredients and with attention to detail with every dish, Claridges was the ultimate test in the world of being a skilled chef.  


- The desire to create his own menus soon followed, with launch of JP Dining. Fine dining and catering for clients with a passion and pallet for food from across the globe to home grown ingredients. 

For all enquires please contact us directly 
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