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Flavour management, the go to agency for top named chefs

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 * Jean Christophe Novelli * Ed Baines * Nisha Parmer * James Tanner *

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About Us

Welcome to Flavour Management a boutique agency, dedicated to celebrity chefs, from Michelin Star too well-known TV personalities. 

You’ll find chefs from 2019 Masterchef, Great British Menu as well as experienced chefs from TV and well-known restaurants. 

All of our chefs are professionally represented making Flavour Management the go-to agency for top named chefs.

Our personal relationship with each and every one of our chefs and daily contact makes us stand out from the crowd. 

Sharing their culinary secrets, our celebrity TV and Michelin Star chefs are the perfect match for TV demos and bookings, online brand promotions, ambassador roles and product launches. Speaking enthusiastically and demonstrating their passion for food, flavours and culinary creations from every corner of the globe, we have the chef to meet your requirements. 


Presenting in such a way that will excite and inspire audiences our celebrity chefs are experts in providing incredible world-class gourmet food for high-end private and corporate events.


Booking one of our celebrity chefs for your event/campaign or TV project leaves guests and audiences with an exciting experience and lasting impression. Whether you have a specific celebrity chef in mind or are looking for ideas Flavour Management can help and advise for the chef that fits perfectly.


Boutique Events*

Designed entirely bespoke and tailored to our clients’ wishes to create truly unique events and lasting memories 

We have extensive experience of high-end events, hosted by our celebrity chefs and our passionate event team. 

Exclusive private parties, dinner parties and garden parties, to VIP and Gala events, product launches and press events. 

With our broad range of talent, we are certain to have the perfect chef for all of your projects.

Chefs On TV.. On Stage.. Online.. 

Our chefs have extensive TV experience from hosting and presenting to TV demos and interviews. 

On stage 

At festivals, food shows demonstrating to food lovers and audiences worldwide. 


For live cook a long demo promotions, to podcast interviews and Bloggs. 

Our Ethos

* Established to provide a level of excellence *

* Designed to leave a lasting impression*

*Renowned for seamless project presentation and unrivalled attention to every detail*


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